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The Memoirs of Little Ren, part 2


V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
May 14, 2010
Part 1 can be found here. http://www.sphynxlair.com/f7/memoirs-little-ren-part-i-2980/

I settled into my new home very quickly. Momma had a big carpeted thing sitting right in front of a living room window. She called it a "kitty condo." I loved to scamper up and down it, though old Weanus would sometimes smack at me from his platform. If I yipped and ran away momma always picked me up and cuddled me and kissed my fears away.

I loved my new momma. I liked to rest my paws on her right shoulder and she would support my back legs with her arm, or I'd put them on top of her booby if her arms were busy doing something. I let myself go completely limp, letting every bit of me touch her. I couldn't get close enough to her. And she would slowly stroke me, from the top of my head moving down to my tail, over and over.

And momma taught me things too. She taught me that I must always, ALWAYS go to her when she let out a particular whistle. She said I had to learn that whistle and that I must never ignore it, because if the house ever caught on fire or something bad happened I needed a signal that I was to come to her no matter what. I thought that was silly but momma wanted it; and she always gave me a nice treat so it wasn't hard to do!

After a few days she put me back in the little box and told me that I was going to meet my vet. She bundled me out to the car and the trip didn't take long at all.

Soon I was put on a cold stainless steel table in a tiny room, then a kindly looking man walked in. Momma smiled and called him "Len." Len took one look at me and started laughing. "Oh my, Marlene, you've gotten another Sphynx! Let me call Jane and the kids over, they're going to love this!"

Soon the vet's wife and two children came into the room. How great was this - more attention for me! I went back and forth from human to human, crawling up into their arms and sniffing and licking as they petted me. The little girl was named "Pam" and she was my favorite. She had long hair and she giggled as I played with it. In the years to come, every time I went to the vet he would call Pam and she'd come play with me.

The visit went well and I tolerated the cold steel being held against my chest and tummy, and I didn't even try to get away when they put a rubber band around my leg and poked something into my leg and stole my blood, though it did hurt a bit. And it hurt when he did something he called "giving me a shot." But I didn't mind too much and didn't even squirm, because my momma was holding me. I just pushed my nose against her chest until it was done. I knew momma would never let anything hurt me.

I didn't feel very good that night and even threw up once. She said it was the shot that upset my tummy. And she held me all night long and by the next day I felt much better.

And then came the time when momma looked at me and told me I was dirty. I rubbed my soft white nose against her and tried to tell her it wasn't my fault. She informed me it was time for us to get a bath. And little did I know, that when she said "us" she really meant "us!"

Momma put nice warm water in the bathtub. Then she took off her clothes, and she took off mine and Pedda's clothes too! Then she took Pedda and me into the bathroom and closed the door.

She gave Pedda her bath first. Momma's idea of a bath was crazy! She held Pedda then both of them sat down in the bathtub. She put Pedda down in the water between her legs. Pedda started howling. She got Pedda all wet, then pulled Pedda out of the water and sat her on top of her legs, against her belly, then scrubbed her all over with little cloths, even her face and butt! Pedda yowled like she was being killed. I stood up on the edge of the tub and watched everything. That Pedda was being shown who was boss and she was majorly pissed about it! If I was a human and could laugh I would have. But I couldn't, so I just meow'd back at her.

Soon Pedda was rinsed and clean and wrapped in a fat fluffy towel. Then it was my turn.

"Come here Ren-butt." Soon momma had scooped me up and I was in the bathtub with her, just like Pedda had been!

I was a good boy though. I didn't yip or yowl, but I did squirm some when momma washed my dangling bits. She was talking to me and I heard her say something about having to have that taken care of soon.

This bath was much better than how my old momma did it. I got to sit on momma's lap and she held me close through the whole thing. And when it was done and I was wrapped in my towel momma let all the water out of the tub, then stood up and turned on water so it splashed all over and she washed herself too! So all three of us were clean.

The next day momma said we were going to meet her best human friend in the world, a woman named Darlene. Pedda and I got put into the same carrier and we rode for over an hour. It was the longest trip I'd ever taken. Pedda threw up on me. It was nasty! Then my bowels got all in an uproar so for revenge I pooped on her head. That's what she got for jamming it underneath me!

Pedda and me both got a new bath when we got to Darlene's house but it was just a quick normal bath in a kitchen sink. The strange lady, who was fat like momma, picked me up and cuddled me.

"So you're Little Ren" she said. "I'm Darlene, I'm your Second Momma. You're going to spend a lot of time here with me." Then Darlene started laughing. "Marlene, this poor kitty. Look at him. He has just one teeny weeny whisker and it's curled up. Like a wart or something. It looks weird, you should cut it off!" Momma was laughing too. "That poor boy has only one whisker - and you want to deprive him of it!"

Luckily I never lost my whisker.
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