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Feb 5, 2018
Ok I need a bit of advice. So I just got back from studying abroad for 5 months. My dad took great care of my cat and I came back to a happy, if not slightly fat, kitten. But I got an intership in Japan for a month at the end of the summer. My dad can't take care of her so my mom is taking over. So here are my concerns and if any one has any advice I'm all ears!
Space: My grandmother lives with my mother and has several health issues that effect her balance. For the safety of both Nut and Grandma, Nut will be kept upstairs. She will have free range of two rooms and a loft area. Do you think this is enough space? Also do you thinking switching houses will be too much stress even if it is done gradually?

Daycare: my mom is not a cuddle and play with cat type and she works long hours. So I was thinking of having Nut stay at a Daycare for 2-4 days a week during the day when my mom is at work. They will make sure she gets at least 30min of cuddling and playtime. (I'm sure she will get more bc everyone tends to love her). What has been your experience with daycare? Do you thinking going to daycare will be too stressful?

Abandonment issues- I'm concerned that being gone for 6 months in total (study abroad plus Japan) will cause her to develop abandonment issues. Right now she is a bit more clingy than usual especially if I'm gone all day.

Please note this much traveling is very unusual for me and will never happen again. I am usually never gone longer than a week.

Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
I personally wouldn’t do daycare with a kitty ...mine would find it be too stressful and I worry about catching something or getting over stressed with a UTI .
Be sure who ever is taking caring of her is attentive to watch for any health issues , UTI s can be brought on by stress so be sure it’s watched closely for signs like frequent in and out of litter box , little to no uroje output . Just something to be aware of ..

Perhaps look into an approved person neighbor , reference from your vet to have someone come and visit her ..?

I think it’s enough room for the time you are gone .
(There is @ vet office here that has long term cat boarding and they are in cages in a small room with a little time to walk around the room rotated )
I personally think home environment best if I had a choice .

I would make her free roam area very cat friendly with perches , tall cat trees, radio, tv , etc ...
Comfy blankets cross from you to snuggle in perhaps extra t sheets etc eoth your scent that can be rotated in with her while you are gone , , Feliaway plug ins

Kitties live in the moment .. I think as long as Nut is well cared for and played with she will be fine . Kudos for planning ahead to keep grandma and Nut safe

Surely others will chime in ...
Glad you are researching for a smooth transition while you are away .
Also right does everthing for her care , vet info (not sure if they keep a credit card on file )your wishes , etc so all okay the same page


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Sep 2, 2014
Agree completely with @Yoda mom

My cat has 2 rooms and a loft, plus a hallway in an upstairs area too, so basically the same situation. It’s plenty of room.

There are pet sitters for hire that will come love on your baby in their home where they are comfortable. That is, if you don’t have someone in mind already.

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Anita Eccleston

V.I.P Lairian
V.I.P Lairian
Sep 26, 2017
All this shows your a great mum ! Doing everything possible to make sure Nuts needs are all met in your absence ! Just a thought here could you not perhaps face time Nut ? To keep your peace of mind and Nut gets to see you and hear your voice , when my daughter moved to the Lake District I used to put her on speaker phone so she could talk to cleo and Bagins , they knew it was her .. I’m sure all will go well because of your forward planning