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Trying a new raw food? Had anyone tried it? Nutrience sub zero frozen raw


Dec 1, 2019
Hey all, hope everyone is healthy and staying in with their furless friends!

Due to the current situation the food I normally get for my boy Tisserie has been sold out or only available in small portions. (I usually feed instinct frozen raw medallions)

When I went to the freezer/raw section to check for instinct I noticed a different raw food brand that I’ve never tried before and decided to give it a shot. I got two cases (one of each flavour, one is fraser valley and I forget the other but it was more of a red meat mixture) which costed $107 after tax. (Depending how long it lasts it might actually be cheaper! The box claimed a $49 case is good for 23 days for a 12 pound cat and the instinct is $40 for about 12 days give or take) Not that price matters much, I just want what’s best for my boy

anyways, I though I would upload some pictures of the ingredients and get some other opinions. It’s a Canadian brand and I couldn’t find many reviews. Though I think the ingredients seem pretty decent In comparison to the instinct! should I be adding in any additional supplements?

I add lysine and feed him freeze dried chicken hearts as a treat almost every day! We just started with the clicker yesterday and dare I say we might get “sit” mastered by the end of the week! Next we will need to work on stay and NO lol.... little rascal is an absolute food demon. Yesterday he spent 5 minutes pretending to snuggle with me and slowly inched his way closer to my pasta bowl every so slightly. Luckily I’m familiar with his shenanigans and knew his plan all along haha

lastly, I have an another question... what do you use to clean your sphynxs eyes and face? By boy gets lots of Crusties and I usually use a sensitive skin baby wipe but even that irritates his little face.

thanks everyone in advance ❤


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Sep 2, 2014
It looks like a good ingredient list to me.

Have you tried water wipes for his face? They are just water and a little grapefruit oil.

Love and Sphynx ~ It’s all you need

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V.I.P Lairian
Apr 7, 2014
Is the Nutrience frozen raw? I tried to google it and all I could find what freeze dried so I'm a bit confused.

I wipe eyes with a wet tissue (just water) so it's nothing fancy.