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Tuesday February 27th is World Spay Day


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Jan 16, 2011
World Spay Day is an international campaign that advocates for spaying/neutering pets to prevent unplanned litters and reduce the number of stray animals on the streets. The unified message on this day emphasizes the benefits of spaying/neutering, which include improved pet health, reduced animal suffering, and a decrease in the number of animals euthanized in shelters.

We unfortunately see some people hesitant to spay/neuter their 4 legged family members. After reading these reasons below why to do it, it should be a no brainer…just do it.

Reasons for spaying/neutering:

1. Greatly reduces behavioral problems like spraying in both male and female cats.

2. Cats that are altered live longer lives according to statistics.
Neutered male cats live 40% longer lives than those not neutered.

3. Female cats if not spayed and not bred can develop Pyometra which is an infection of the uterus and can be fatal.

4. Female cats that are spayed can't get uterine cancers and the risk of mammary cancer is reduced by 25%.

5. Spayed female cats are less likely to get urinary tract infections.

6. Male cats can't get testicular cancer if neutered and helps reduce prostate issues.

7. Male cats that are not neutered develop the strong desire to get out of homes when they know a female cat in the neighborhood is in heat. There is also a strong likelihood of the male cat howling, being aggressive toward owners and other pets in the home and the potential of them slipping out of the house increases.

8. Altering your cat reduces the risk of an "accidental" pregnancy…and humans becoming a back yard breeder.

***Things to remember when having a Sphynx spayed or neutered:
Always be sure your vet does NOT use Ketamine…this particular anesthesia can be fatal to a cat that has hidden/underlying heart issues and Sphynxare not free from this.

Some breeders will spay/neuter at a very young age before the kitten goes to their new home. If not altered, then a good rule of thumb is 6 months or 5 lbs whichever comes first.

If you are thinking of microchipping your cat, doing it during the spay/neutering is a perfect time while they are already under anesthesia. Be sure to register/update info with your chip company and make sure your information is updated in their system.

Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
Thank you for including the important reasons to spay or neuter. My neighbor had never heard of pyometra until her baby was rushed for an emergency surgery to save her life.

Toa and Ross

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Jan 23, 2015
Spay went well and Pashmak is back home. Thanks for asking @Yoda mom . She is a drama queen so she makes sure everybody in the house feels sorry for her:)