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Verdict on litter attractant?


Dec 6, 2017
I've been cronologing my journeys with our new Kitten Missy since we brought her home Wednesday! She hasn't been going in the litter box and were looking at what we can do to help her out.

We have a few boxes around and started with the same litter as the breeder (wood pellets). I think or problem is we didn't limit her space enough when we first brought her home...we live in a very small studio apartment so we didn't have one room we could put her into to adjust... that room is our house! We considered the bathroom, but we only have the one and my husband and I would need to be in and out and thought that would be worse than a corner of the room.

Anyway, were going to buy and try some different kinds of litter tomorrow and put them out for her to see what she likes best. We're also going to confine her to the bathroom when we aren't home but give her free reign when we are home (shes been exploring way more and being less timid so I don't want backwards progress). I'm a little worried the bathroom might get cold but I do have a heated bed and blankets to put in there with her.

So with this plan in place, we're confident we will see some changes. I just wanted to know if I should also consider a litter attractant on top of the steps mentioned.. (I'd also love litter recommendations, please). Anyone has any experience using them, and did they help, or did you find them useless?

(My breeder also used a very, very small amount of litter for the kittens. I'm talking like, a handful. I'm wondering if that has anything to with her aversion. The litter bixes I have out have different amounts of litter in them if it's an issue of amount)

Yoda mom

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Apr 23, 2012
@TheZu , I do not have experience with the litter attract
Surely other members will chime in

You mentioned Kittens had sparse litter in their boxes at the breeders

Are you using the same pellets amd perhaps start with a little bit in the box amd add more a little at a time after successes

Also I would put a few pieces of poo in the box

I trained mine like a dog -
lots of verbal praise and treads when they check out the box amd even more praise and treats for using it ! I give it right in front of them on the floor as they step out of the box.
I still give verbal praise to this day lol and random
Now they got me trained!

Keep us updated on what litter amd style boxes are working
I would recommend an unscented litter like de elseys or
A very similar made in Canada- "fresh for life pet odor destroyer - " it's unscented very easy to scoop amd virtually dust free - it's a good dupe for dr elseys unscented litter

I have read members have used cst attract litter with good result
@Monica Any advise on cat attract litter ?
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Mar 28, 2018
@Yoda mom I literally just sang Dr. Elsey’s praise on @TheZu other post in the Introduction section. :hilarious: ... I clicked on this thread by coincidence right after I posted!

Yes, Dr. Elsey’s Kitten Attract Litter is the tits! I recommend using it along with the Blackhole litter mat and a sturdy, metal litter scoop with thin slits, for easy scooping. Those three items are on my must-have sphynx list!

Edit: I’ve never used a ‘cat attractant,’ only the aforementioned attract litter. I would start by changing one thing at a time, aka new litter first, then, if you still aren’t successful, add the attractment spray or vis-versa. Also, maybe only change the litter in one of her boxes at first, and keep physically putting her in the box frequently. She should get the picture eventually.
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