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Washington State Sphynx Adoption


Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Aug 17, 2013
Heartbreaking ADOPTION search... Family looking for someone needing a single Sphynx home (single PET home). Two year old black Sphynx girl very loving and affectionate with her human as a single pet is a terror with other pets. Life circumstances of additional pets and upcoming blended family necessitate rehoming her to a loving situation with no other pets. No rehoming fee but mandatory health insurance policy is transferable to the new family. The yearly insurance premium is $250. She has an existing food allergy (reason why you'll want to keep her insured) and eats prescription food. She is not a happy traveler so a Seattle area or within driving distance family is needed. I can't see her going on a plane.
She was easily toilet trained with City Kitty when she was a single pet. The transition back should be easy!
Message me if you are interested and I'll connect you to her current family.