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What to feed my sphynx?


Sep 21, 2016
I went to a new vet recently who recommended cutting out dry food completely from my 2 year old Sphynx’s diet. She gave me a ton of data and information that proved dry food is essentially like chips for cats, and dry food makes sense for dogs but can be harmful to cats. I’ve tried weaning my cat off dry food, who was previously free fed dry and occasionally given a can of wet food, but it’s been a difficult process. I’m afraid he’s hungry because he isn’t free fed for the first time of his life. I’m also worried because not only is the wet food expensive, but Bagheera is now throwing up when he eats dry food, which he’s never done before. I was thinking maybe I can start making him food, but he’s been picky in the past with rice dishes I’ve made him when he’s been sick in the past.

So what I’m hoping to get from you lovely people are some recommendations on what to feed my Sphynx. Do you feed dry and wet? What’s a cost effective option? What are your thoughts?

Thank you!

denise irwin

Senior Lairian
Senior Lairian
Feb 13, 2018
I feed my guys halo kibble and on occasion will give them a can of wet and my 2 little ones are doing amazing. I have never heard of anyone saying dry food being bad for cats . If thats the case it would have sold for years. I do believe in getting a better grade of dry food over cheap

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Yoda mom

Staff member
Apr 23, 2012
Feeding Nutrisource cat and kitten food in the blue bag
Cat & Kitten Chicken Meal, Salmon & Liver Cat Food - NutriSource Pet Foods

- no recalls , no more vomitting with my Senstive tummy kitty -I get at k9cusine.com
Solid poos no skin issues , feed and go . Even my most picky boy likes the Nutrisource
i give a shared can of 3 oz wet food daily
My one boy hates and runs aways from any wet food or Raw diets - I have tried all kinds of wet and dry foods
Grain free , grain inclusive , raw .

Many members will chime in with suggestions .. It's just a matter of finding works best for your baby and your schedule . I steered away from raw because I live in Florida - with hurricanes and or if I go out of town my mom will not be able to manage the raw feeding .