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Win a Sphynx Lair T-Shirt + a surprise gift!


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Jan 13, 2009
Hi guys and gals,
I will run this contest for a month, just to try it. Here is how it works. It is a refferal program. My site keeps track of any member who signs up to Sphynx Lair that is reffered by another member. Just tell them when they sign up to Sphynx Lair there is a spot to add a refferal, just give them your username to put in that spot. Make sure you give them the exact Spelling of your username. I will even include the refferals brought to the site since Nov. of 2008, so some have a head start!
The contest will run until Oct. 10th 2009. I will update list every 3 days. The one with the most refferals wins a Sphynx Lair T-Shirt from the Sphynx Lair Shop.The surprise gift is a bonus for 25 refferals (you must have 25 refferals to recieve surpise gift!)
T-Shirts here---->SphynxLair Shop http://www.sphynxlair.com/cartplog.php
They must be Sphynx Owners! or at the minimal future Sphynx Owners! So make sure they have a profile picture! Be creative, I know a lot of you are members of other cat sites, Facebook, Myspace , Blogs, etc. Use this to your advantage! It does not have to be someone you know! Just get the word out to every one! Just be sure to give them your exact username on Sphynx Lair!
Referrals - 11-01-2008 05:47 AM to 09-10-2009 05:47 AM
User Name Total
ElGatoLoco 6
gunstreetgirl 2
cchloerun 1
groovysphynx 1
ilovemysphynx 1
kerrie78 1
lovinsphynx 1
Mews2much 1
SamanthaB 1