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Feb 25, 2015

I have a Bambino/Sphynx who I purchased last year from a local breeder in town. Very quickly after getting him I realized that he wasn't like most cats. It was very clear to me that he had some mental impairments (Im assuming from irresponsible breeding) I emailed a very lengthy email to the breeder who I purchased him from explaining is cognative issues and asking her advice and if it might be possible for her to come by and observe his behaviour to get a better idea what I was talking about. To my shock, that email went completely unanswered....as did the second one I sent to her (more on this in a bit)

Over time I just came to accept that little Wonton just wasnt like normal cats, and I drastically adjusted my life in order to be with him basically 24/7. Flash forward to just over a week ago....It became very obvious very quickly that something was wrong. My cat who usually was mega food obsessed and food aggressive, started to show disinterest in eating and when he did, he would usually vomit a few hours later. I figured that maybe he had gotten into something he shouldnt have, and because other than that, he was acting his usual self, I was worried, but wasnt in panic mode.

However, his condition not only persisted,but worsened over the course of two days. He lost a dramatic amount of weight (so much in such a short time I didnt even think it was possible) I took him to the vet who examined him, did some testing and told me that he likely just ate something, and was dehydrated. Iv fluids were administered and he was given some special food and then was sent home with me.

Needless to say, he did not get any better. He only got worse. Far far worse.

Since it was clear to me the first vet I took him to misdiagnoised his illness, I took him to another vet this time, who did further testing (blood work,urine sample etc) as well as gave him appetite stimulants and anti-sickness medication and recommended force feeding him (with an oral syringe) He again sent me home as the results from the blood work wouldnt be back until the morning.

In the afternoon (yesterday) the doctor called me with the results of the blood work and other testing and told me he had "severe kidney issues" and a "blood infection" He told me the chances of him surviving are only 50/50 at this point. Ive been force feeding him all throughout the day and night tonight. He ate very very little on his own (only about 1/6 of a small can of food) the rest of the time he was force fed and about 10 minutes ago he just puked. He is insanely, shockingly skinny (only 4 lbs.), has no interest in food, very weak and wobbly when he walks (which is only to drink small amounts of water, which im thankful for) the rest of the time he sleeps (on all fours in a very uncomfortable looking position with his head dropping down and resting on the floor) A few times while I was feeding him last night, he became almost unresponsive. I am waiting one hour till the vet is open and taking him back in immediately for treatment.

Im worried I might have to get him put to sleep if his condition doesnt improve after a few days of treatment. I am just kind of at a loss. I again, emailed the breeder yesterday to explain the situation to her. There was a clause in the purchasing contract I signed with her saying that if I was going to give him away/sell him at any time in the future I wasnt allowed and would have to return the cat to the breeder. Because of this, I thought she would hopefully at the very least want to know about his grave situation, and at best, might want to take him and later rehome him. Almost 10 hours later, and still no email from the breeder.

Ive been in tears all day and all night at the thought he may have to get put to sleep.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated. Sorry for the uber long post...

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