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Authenticity - Liability

Sphynxlair.com or it's owners and affiliates are not responsible for the accuracy or authenticity of any information posted in these forums, or liable for any actions taken as a result of such information.

Sphynxlair has no affiliation with any vendor or seller of products or services. Any problems with products or services should be directed to the seller of that product or service. Sphynxlair is not responsible for damaged goods, returns, or any other problems which may occur while buying products or services on this site in the advertisement section. You are buying products or services at your own risk! Any personal information you give a vendor or seller while buying products or services is your responsibility.Do not contact Sphynxlair on any issues related to this advertising section, Sphynxlair has no affiliation or liability with any vendor in this section.

All posts, threads, and pictures affiliated with this content on this site Sphynxlair belong to Sphynxlair. The material on this site is not to be copied or used on another site including but not limited to pictures, threads ,posts, with out the permission of the Administrator or Sphynxlair.com owners. Pictures members upload to Sphynxlair.com may be used in our daily "Admin's Soup of the day!" thread and may also be shared on FaceBook and or other social media internet sites. All pictures on Sphynxlair.com fall under the "Fair Use Act." Uploaded pictures, used or shared on Sphynxlair, including images signature images, and avatars, must not contain nudity or any type of offensive material that is unacceptable on a family oriented community like Sphynxlair.

Rules - Banning

Sphynxlair reserves the right to ban user's access to the forum when a member has become potentially damaging to the reputation of the community or to other members in "good standing" on the site.

The following will result in the deletion of postings banning off of site and or deletion of your account (Sphynxlair reserves the right whether or not to delete your account) no questions asked:

• You are the owner, moderator, or administrator of any other like forum.
• You solicit Sphynxlair members public or private.
• Offensive or obscene, defamatory, abusive or hateful.
• Racially discriminating, used to embarrass, harass, threaten or cause distress or discomfort to another user.
• Breeders are welcome, please do not post links to your site or other breeders sites on Sphynxlair. This is a place for Sphynx owners, not for advertising or selling of cats or kittens. No requests for stud or queen services.
• Posting pictures of litters with intention to sell on Sphynxlair is not permitted. Breeders may post ONE picture of a litter to share. More than one may result in deletion.
• Used for information or instructions containing illegal activities.
• Used for links or any kind of access to content that has already been aforementioned as inappropriate for this forum.
• Spamming on Sphynxlair.com is also NOT permitted so please refrain from doing so.
• The posting of links to any other forum on Sphynxlair.com is NOT permitted as well as links of other related cat forums is also NOT Permitted.
• The posting of any kind of advertising links is NOT permitted in any shape or form, this includes but not limited to, magazines, pet clothes, pet jewelry or any sort of pet apparrel.
• NO FREE ADVERTISING! IN ANY FORM INCLUDING CATS! Advertising for products is available for a price here on Sphynxlair.com - for more information on advertising Contact Us

If you choose to (PC) Private Conversation (private message) any member on this forum to advertise products, goods or pets, you will be banned from Sphynxlair.com. Remember that it costs money to run and maintain this website and we have honest people paying for advertisement space here on the site that directly supports keeping this site running for all of you to enjoy, and to purchase products through PC'S (private messaging) Is only going to hurt the site Sphynxlair.com that we have all come to love! So please Contact Us if you see any malicious activity whether it's selling of products, cats, kittens, or services that are not clearly ads you see on the site or forums from our paid advertisers in the shop or mall area.


There will be no soliciting of fundraising for any cause non profit or not, allowed or suggested on Sphynxlair without a written consent or approval from the owner or administrator's of Sphynxlair.com. Sphynxlair will only allow rescues listed as non-profit 501(c)(3) to post as a Rescue Agency. Donations or solicitation of donations/ fund drives of any type are prohibited.

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