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baby wipes

  1. invaderjill

    Is bathing weekly bad for sphynx skin?

    Novel is only 14 weeks and we have only had him for 10 ish days and I already bathed him last weekend. Now, 4/5 days later, he already is dirty and a bit ripe. I don’t want to dry out his skin with too many baths, but he hates the baby wipes. They are in a wipe warmer too. He was really good for...
  2. V

    Can i clean skin with babywipes?

    Ok so my baby needs to stay put about a month because he had back surgery... My question is what can i clean his skin with? Cause i cant give him a bath and he is really filthy already and smells like urine because he pisses himself... Is a non scented baby wipe ok to wash his skin? or what else?
  3. JenFid

    Which wipes to use?

    Hi everyone, another question for all of you seasoned Sphynx owners. I know baby/wet wipes are a staple for between-bath cleanings, especially for the eyes and paws/nails. My husband and I don't have kids so baby wipes are not a product I'm familiar with. Months ago when we were baby sitting...