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bad breath

  1. SarahShambles

    Teeth troubles!!

    Soo church has never had great looking teeth always been stained :( but now he's got his little fangs next to the canines falling out ones been missing for years and now the other is extremely loose and definitely going to fall out!! The vets didn't really help last time I went Sooo apart from...
  2. pussiette


    Just wondering what products anyone has used for gingivitis that seems to have worked. Interested to hear from those particularly who have had success using products for kitten gingivitis. Used dentipet vet recommended but no good currently using hartz and looking for other options. Thanks!
  3. Cato Grimsmo Thorbjornsen

    Gum Disease :-(

    My wife noticed the cat's bad breath and googled the symptoms, so my wife disocevered it was inflamed gums at our 6 month old Yolda and we took him to the vet the very next day. As I live in a country where the sphynx breed is not well known, and there is not many of them out there the vet has...