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  1. gollumthesphynx

    Is your Sphynx leaving behind small urine stains?

    Hi Sphynx lovers! Hope all of you have been well at home with your babies. My sphynx cat, Gollum is 1.5 y/o and has been leaving these small little urine/pee spots on my sheets. He's been doing this he was a baby. I didn't think this was a big deal, however, when I asked some of my other...
  2. Maddie

    Little Helper: Astrid Making the Bed

    so, Astrid loves to help make the bed lol other than the fact she gets kitty crazy, it's pretty cute! She runs around like a lunatic and will try to chomp on your fingers if you get to close. She must think she can make the bed herself lol. Needs to make sure *her* bed is perfect I guess lol
  3. Maddie

    Suggestions for Removing Oil Stains

    So, Astrid has stained my sheets. Apparently pushing the bath two days was a bad idea lol new food makes her so dirty, but it fixed everything else. Merg. She's off the gastro one and onto a calorie one now so hopefully that switch helps :) My sheets have been washed twice and treated with two...
  4. LeeWoolrich

    How to stop cats sleeping in my bed...

    Hello there, looking for some advice please. I purchased my 2 kitties with my ex-girlfriend (Sienna and Millie). They are 3 years old. During this time we allowed them to tuck up with us at night. So far, so good. The problem is, now my ex and I have split up and I have a new girlfriend. She...
  5. BluesMummy

    Feeling abandoned :(

    Tonight my boys seem to of made a pact to sleep in the cat bed in my room, its gone midnight & ive tried to coax them into my bed but they are ignoring me !!! Ive even picked Blue up & put him on my bed & hes jumped back down, little bugger wait until tomorrow morning & he wants his blankie &...