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black cats

  1. Bustamante01

    Tyrese is finally home!

    Hi everyone, Tyrese is now home since Friday. He's a champ for so many reasons.. First, he succeeded at the first stage of litter kwitter! Second, he suceeded his transition to raw ( it wasn't that difficult since he has a ferroucious appetite!) Third, he purrs loudly! Forth, he already answers...
  2. Benben

    I'm Melody and my sidekick is named Ben

    Hello, My name is melody. Ben is a black Sphynx. He is my second hairless cat. First was a white Devon rex. When I lost my first it really tore me apart. I have always loved my pets. But never as much as Desi. I waited and three years later I bought Ben Ben. He is the light of my life. The...