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  1. KKristen61

    Kitty blackheads

    My sphynx has recently started getting little blackheads on her chin and I wanted to know if anyone els has had this problem and what the best way to deal with them would be? Thanks
  2. S

    Major Blackheads

    I just got a Sphynx cat a little while ago and the cat has major blackheads on his tail and chin. I don't want to try to squeeze them because it hurts him and you have to squeeze really hard so is there some sort of scrub I can use? The black heads are really hard and solid.
  3. Amy31


    hey guys, any clue on this and the best way to treat it? I think it's a Boyle but has a slight yellow head also, I've pressed a warm flannel into it and he wasn't to happy, moved his head when I tried and I wasn't pressing hard so I think it's abit sore!! Tia