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blue and white

  1. Wren Blackford

    3 Year Old Neutered Blue/White, seeking new home due to human medical complications.

    Hello all, It is with immense heartbreak and devastation that I have joined these forums because I've been looking at finding a new home for my beloved Everest. He is my heart cat, I have always wanted a sphynx and we have been closer than any animal I've ever bonded with. But due to my own...
  2. QueenBeanToes

    New sphynx kitten -Kyng

    This is my new babe Kyng. He is a long legged experimental bambino. He's a blue and white with big beautiful eyes. He's a tank and literally insane, but a cuddle monster. His favorite place to sleep is on my face. My other sphynx , Bean, is really enjoying having a baby brother! Although I...