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bonded sphynx pair

  1. O

    Looking to adopt a pair (KY)

    Looking to adopt a pair of Sphynx cats, any age, male or female. Willing to drive or meet up. I’m a physician in Louisville and my older sister is a vet here in town. Just looking for a pair to take care of and give a great home! Ollie (859)248-4068
  2. S

    Looking for bonded Sphinx pair LA

    Located in Los Angeles and looking for two bonded Sphynx cats in need of a loving home.
  3. Adam

    ISO of a naked looking for a new forever home

    Hello all, Me and my partner are looking to provide a naked with a forever home. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and are more then willing to travel to provide a good home. We would MUCH prefer to adopt then to buy from a breeder, which is what brought us to your forums. We are a child and...
  4. Aja

    Looking to Rehome my 2 wonderful sphynx in the Tri-State Area

    Hi, It’s with a heavy heart I begin the search for a new home for my two sphynxes, Pearl (4) + Herbie (3). I recently divorced and started a new job where I’m traveling all the time, so I can no longer keep them. Long term I want what’s best for them and they’re just not getting the attention...
  5. Miriam

    ISO New Jersey Sphynx/Rex looking for a home

    Hello all, I'm looking to make a home for a Sphynx/Rex in NNJ. I've raised 2 Cornish Rex females - since passed of age related illnesses) and am familiar with the breed's (cousin's) temperament. If anyone knows of (preferably) kittens or young adults looking to be adopted, please advise. Will...
  6. T

    Bonded Pair

    I have a bonded pair of beautiful sphynx kitties, Athena and Othello. Not litter mates but born within weeks of each other. Both are 4 y/o and healthy, no HCM detected. I tried to separate them but Athena became depressed so they MUST go together. Athena is the kitty n the bottom in photo I...