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  1. Maddie

    Question--metal litter box

    so Astrid plastic box smells DISGUSTING. So that's being tossed lol but I was thinking a metal one would work better to keep clean and the metal wouldn't absorb the smell. Do any of you guys have one or know where to get one?? Or where to get big baking pans that have sides??
  2. Maddie

    Astrid and Her Box!

    So, Astrid has decided she likes this particular box lol. I even get meowed at to move it so she can switch from the window to the couch. So here are some pictures :) Do your babies have a favourite box? Would love to see :) lol
  3. kerrisaysss

    Kitten not does and doesnt use litter box??

    Hey guys! I'm having some issues with my kitten and I hope you guys can give some advice? We purchased a Sphynx kitten in August from a very good breeder and he seemed to have his kittens trained to use the litter box but we did notice that some of them would pee in the sink. Since we brought...