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breed standard

  1. Monica

    What is your fav sphynx eye color?

    Fun Fact: All eye & coat colors are permitted per Breed Standard for Canadian Sphynx! (Excluding colors/patterns that are defined by the degree of color on the hair shaft.) Many pedigree breeds are limited to a select few eye & coat colors or patterns. However, the Canadian Sphynx standard...
  2. Divine Chocolate

    Divine Chocolate

  3. Minka Chocolat

    Minka Chocolat

  4. Coco Couture

    Coco Couture



    My golden eyed goddess in the cattery. Her ears are divine! 14 weeks old
  6. Monica

    Stepping on my soapbox... *rant alert*

    Can I gripe for a second? Many of you know, I’m getting my first sphynx late this month, after five long years of waiting! I am over-the-moon and excited to finally have one of these coveted creatures join my tribe!! I LOVE and adore everything about this breed; from the giant lemon eyes, big...
  7. Monica

    CFA & TICA Show Sphynx

    Hola!! Who here has experience showing their sphynx? :D I'm interested in possibly showing my Kenzo Bare in the kitten division once I get him. My breeder favors him and one other male in her current litters. I'd like to get in touch with some Lairians who have show experience and pick...