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british columbia

  1. Wednesday

    ISO fellow Angelsoft sphynx BC kitty owners

    Hey friends! Long time no talk! I last posted in 2015 just after taking Wednesday home- how time flies! I’m happy to say that Wednesday is still the best little girl I could ever ask for. She’s an adventure cat now and loves her stroller, backpack, and road trips! You can follow along her...
  2. sphynkles

    Breeders in Washington USA or BC Canada

    This is similar to my thread regarding breeders in BC, but I decided to add Washington because I am near the border. Will anyone please let me know if you know any breeders in any of these places? Thanks!:)
  3. bisingular

    Vet Victoria, BC

    Any recommended vets in Victoria, British Columbia? One closer to Langford would be preferable, as my baby gets car sick. :)