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  1. Raphael Grupilo

    My sphynx kitten was delivered with some health problems

    Hello! I've purchased a little sphynx kitten from a very good cattery, run by very responsible owners. However, within the 3 months the kitten has been with me I've found out that it has giardiasis, coronavirus and likely herpesvirus/calicivirus. He has nothing but some sneezing and creamy...
  2. Zab

    The cats mouth

    Hi everyone, I would like som advice on the topic of oral hygiene... My male cat, Ossi, came to us when he was 14 weeks old. When the time came to neuter him we went to the vet. The vet did a "check up" on him and said he was irritated in the gums. Test were made and it showed he had...