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  1. sailormoonsault

    I Have a Chubby Sphynx - Help!

    Hey everyone! I have a sphynx that I rescued from a really bad home situation about a year ago, he is now 2. The diet he grew up with wasn't the proper one for his breed so when I got him he was kind of overweight because he was eating non-stop and his digestive system was all messed up. He's...
  2. jfox37

    Best Cat Toys For Highly Intelligent Kitten?

    Hi SphynxLairians! Recently, our Sphynx kitten Abby (who you may have read about previously) ate a string from a toy and had to have an emergency endoscopy procedure. Of course her skin condition fully healed and then this happened. She's a handful!! Luckily, she is perfectly fine, just...
  3. Cinderstar95

    Environmental stimulation

    Hello all, Just a question for you all. What do you do to make your home more entertaining for your sphynx? I am looking for any and all ideas as I have a students budget and a students life, but am also owned by an adorable little girl who stole my heart. I want to make her life as...
  4. deanna

    Da Bird Action shots!

    its a bird! its a plane... wait a flying cat?! lol enjoy and share your flying cat pictures as well!
  5. zombiequeen13

    Laser Pointers? Need some suggestions.

    What modestly priced decent working laser pointers do you all use? We keep buying the cheap ones and they do not last very long, even after new batteries, seems they just stop working. Wanting to get the kitties a new one for Christmas this year. Thanks.