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  1. Empress

    Looking for a Sphynx in Chicago to rescue

    I live alone and I need a friend. I don’t care about the sex or color of my new friend. I just want to share my quiet home with a little friend in need. I don’t have children or other pets. I would love to have two but I am seeking one as of now so that we can build a direct bond with one...
  2. U

    ISO of naked kitty in Chicago/surrounding area

    Hi all I would love to adopt a cat in or near Chicago. I have a senior dog, that loves cats and has lived with them on and off for years. I would prefer an adult/senior cat. I can provide vet references/character references if needed.
  3. captain_tinky

    Pippin's on the move!

    Hey everyone! Long time no talk! We have been quite the busy bunch, we have found out that daddy is going into the Navy! Pip and I will be moving to Chicago/Great Lakes area to follow her daddy after he completes boot camp! If anyone lives near that area please let us know so we can possibly...
  4. Morgan

    Low cost Neutering and Ketamine

    When I originally got Pierogi from the breeder I was in a much better place financially. I was living with cheap rent and good roommates, and working a job that paid well. That was months ago, and it wasn't long after I got Pierogi that everything started going down hill. Huge changes have taken...