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chinese crested

  1. Amy31

    Chinese crested help!

    Hey guys, I know this isn't sphynx related but I just need to ask for help! I've come home and my mums Chinese crested is covered in red spots, like blood blisters all over him! Has anyone got any clue what it could be!? I'll take him to the vets but Im worried sorry again, didn't know who else...
  2. anneroy75

    New Member Timmins, Ontario Canada :)

    Hi! I'm Anne-Marie from Timmins, Ontario Canada. I have a four year old male sphynx cat named Yoda. We got Yoda from my daughters friend. We adopted him at no charge and it's the best addition to our family. My youngest is allergic to cats and dogs, so Yoda fits in perfectly, especially...