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  1. Lisa Bradley

    Computer and TV cords - do they chew?

    Hey - first post! My kitten is coming on Sunday and I'm a little concerned about leaving him alone with the inevitable mass of cords behind the computer/TV. I keep them neat anyway, pre-cat, twist tied into place and tucked away but troublemakers will find trouble. Do any of you unplug the...
  2. Neph

    A Few Random Questions

    Hi there, I'm new here. I got Nefertari on the 8th and we're figuring things out. 1. What is a good way to discourage bad behaviour? (With fuzzy kittens I'd spray with water but I want Nefertari to like baths, so clearly that's out). 2. She tends to attack everything - cords and plants being...
  3. TyrionAndSasha

    New Sphynx Owner Questions...Cords, Storage, yada

    So, My guys started chewing on cords. So, I ordered the PetFlex Vet Wrap & Bandage—No Chew that someone recommended. Hopefully that works. These guys are getting into EVERYTHING. The worse it is for them, the more interested they are. My real question is, as a first time kitten owner (I...