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  1. Flint the cutest face, 5.5 weeks old

    Flint the cutest face, 5.5 weeks old

  2. Cuddles


  3. Being curious with Alex

    Being curious with Alex

  4. BusterTheCat

    Hi! :)

    I recently joined Sphynx Lair and am in love with sphynx cats! Buster is my one and only sphynx and he is about eight years old! He has an older brother (Ashe) and sister (Rosie) who are both Bombay cats. He also grew up with two dogs in the family so he is a dog-friendly sphynx! Buster's two...
  5. My Baby, Buster

    My Baby, Buster

    Isn't he a cutie?
  6. Buster the Kitten

    Buster the Kitten

    This was Buster on the first day he came into our family <3