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dressed to impress

  1. KotomodaCatWear

    Dress Your Cat for the Occasion! Explore Our Exclusive Cat Costumes!

    Are you ready to take your cat's style to the next level and make them the life of the party? Look no further! At Kotomoda, we specialize in creating unique cat costumes and outfits for special events, holidays, and more. Magical Transformations Await! Whether it's Halloween, a themed party...
  2. André n the dress

    André n the dress

    André almost matches the dress
  3. IMG_20190702_145144_1.jpg


    He does love his mommy
  4. IMG_20190723_171921.jpg


    When he was little I cut all my socks up
  5. Maddie

    HOW TO: Shirt and Skirt

    Hello! Here is a tutorial on how I made Astrid's dress, which is a shirt and a skirt. Material: Fabric - I used about half a meter, but I had bought a meter to play with. Thread Elastic - I just picked a thin on I had on hand, 1/2 inch Measurements: Shirt - Neck circumference, gut...
  6. Jeanette

    Hi from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario Canada!!! This is my Baby Nitro...

    Isn't he dapper in his bow tie?