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dressed to impress

  1. André n the dress

    André n the dress

    André almost matches the dress
  2. IMG_20190702_145144_1.jpg


    He does love his mommy
  3. IMG_20190723_171921.jpg


    When he was little I cut all my socks up
  4. Maddie

    HOW TO: Shirt and Skirt

    Hello! Here is a tutorial on how I made Astrid's dress, which is a shirt and a skirt. Material: Fabric - I used about half a meter, but I had bought a meter to play with. Thread Elastic - I just picked a thin on I had on hand, 1/2 inch Measurements: Shirt - Neck circumference, gut...
  5. Jeanette

    Hi from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario Canada!!! This is my Baby Nitro...

    Isn't he dapper in his bow tie?