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  1. Kotonok

    Feeding schedule? New Sphynx Mom’s help

    Hello, I am a new Sphynx cat mom, I was hoping to make a post for new Sphynx Owners to look and research on like: What is you’re feeding schedule like and how much per day. Do you feed dry or wet food? Do you feed raw and if so what is you’re feeding schedule like? Personally I’ve been trying...
  2. S

    food for Norbert

    Hiya, we are just weeks away from getting our new sphynx baby- Norbert- he is currently 3 weeks and will be on Purina ONE kitten food which we want to ween him off of for multiple reasons: 1) COVID-19 makes it near impossible to actually get this specific one 2)its high in grain- which we know...