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  1. BusterTheCat

    Yesterday was Gotcha day!!!!!

    We welcomed Dunkin into the family yesterday and he's doing AMAZING! He's super playful and is just having a blast with all of the toys we put in his room. We will be keeping him in one room of the house for the first week and will slowly be introducing him to our other cats during that time...
  2. BusterTheCat

    We have an official date!!!

    The Gotcha date is set!! Dunkin is booked to be home the night of May 6th!! :D My brother, who lives near the breeder, will be flying into NY with my boy and will be visiting for the weekend :joyful: It will be a full house and lots of fun!! Now that we have an official date, it's all so real...
  3. BusterTheCat

    I met my baby today!

    I flew in yesterday to have a visit with baby Dunkin (the decided upon name) and went to see him earlier today. He was so tiny! From his photos I was expecting him to be bigger but he was still a teeny tiny little baby!! It's been a long time since I've seen such a little one :love: I took lots...