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east coast

  1. Adam

    Looking to adopt in the DC Area

    Hello all, Me and my partner are still looking to provide a naked with a forever home. We live in the DC/MD/VA area and are more than willing to travel to provide a good home. We are a child and smoke-free home that doesn't have any other pets. We both have fairly flexible work schedules so...
  2. SelinaKyle

    Please PM me reputable breeders on the east coast!

    Hello! I have been ready to get a sphynx for a while now! Please Pm me as I am looking for any suggestions for a reputable breeder on the east coast, preferably in the New England area, but not necessary! Thanks!
  3. S

    Looking to adopt in North Carolina

    Hi, I am very interested in adopting a Sphynx. I have no previous experience with this breed but do with various other types of animals from birds, various dog breeds, and other cats. I am clean, responsible and 27 years old. I am interested in Kittens and adults (preferably none over 7 years...