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  1. Nicolemorgan

    Stolen Sphynx

    I just saw this posted on Instagram, so I thought I work share it on here. Looks like this happened in or near the city we live in, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Please share. So heartbreaking that someone could do something like this.
  2. Nicolemorgan

    Sunday Funday

    Hey everyone, hope you are having a lovely Sunday!!! It snowed here again in Edmonton :( so we just kept warm all day, had the fire going and the heating pads for the babies. Here were some photos from this afternoon of our two sweeties, Loki & Gatsby!
  3. Nicolemorgan

    Edmonton Cat Show

    Hey Edmonton folks :) I see there is a Annual Spring Cat Show in Edmonton, Alberta on March 19th and 20th. Just wondering if anyone shows any of their sphynx cats (or other breeds) there, or attends the show?
  4. Nicolemorgan

    Keeping Cozy

    Everyone in the house loves a good fire! :):)