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  1. Yana and Osiris

    Cat reacting to an ear cleaner

    I'm so dumb and crying right now, I was cleaning my cat's ears with epiotic (as always) today but didn't squeeze the cotton ball out enough and my cat got a lot of liquids in his ears. It wasn't soooo much but i think enough to do something bad... later i noticed my cat refused a snack i usually...
  2. carly gail

    Eye problems (reflective) please help!

    Hi all, I’ve recently noticed that Baldwin’s left eye is reflective in some light. Most of often it appears normal, but as you can see by the photo attached it can be quite noticeable at other times. He is not exhibiting any unusual symptoms or behaviors aside from this. Still- I am very...
  3. F

    Guys I need your opinion as soon as you can give it!!

    Hey guys I think I might of found a sphynx! She is 4 and is gonna be spayed and shes gonna be $650! From what I can tell Patti the lady selling her seems legit, they live in Virginia so its not to far from me. They were giving her up because her last litter was full of defects and all died. The...
  4. Maddie

    Top Ten Emergencies in Cats

    the vet office I take Astrid to just shared this article. Interesting to see that these are the top ten emergencies. Top Ten Emergencies in Cats | CatHealth.com
  5. beckicu

    Emergency lung problems

    EMERGENCY LUNG PROBLEM! My Oscar who is six years old had been diagnosed early w/heart disease so we've always kept careful watch & regular check ups- his last thorough check up was February 3. About 2 weeks ago he began occasional coughing & would have raspy watery sounding breathing I...
  6. KittyGoddess

    Emergency living situation (Need a pet sitter) Southern CA

    I hope that I am posting to the right area, if i'm not please let me know and i'm sorry for posting in the wrong place. Due to some unfortunate situations and living in an abusive environment, my living situation is now very rocky and the friend I have my boy sphynx (Bills) at she is now...