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  1. NaomiIndelicato

    Rescued and returned a sphynx in January, now owner wants to give it to us.

    Hey there! So January 2017 we heard a cat making awful noises outside (sounded like a baby crying!!!) and went outside to investigate. It was one of our colder nights here in Canada with the temp hitting around -30C (-22 F) so I was very surprised to find a naked kitty under our snow covered...
  2. AimeeFawn

    Escape Artist

    Boogs has been working on this little project for about 6 months now. Time to get the duct tape out and get a new screen door! Sneaky... :bored: How can you be mad at this face though?
  3. Weedieworm15

    MAJOR Panic just now!!!:( need advice

    OMG!!!! ok 30 min ago..i came home...well, usually i open the door and capone is sitting on the ledge of the sofa and waiting for me or my boyfriend to play..and he gets all excited..but tonight!!!! for some reason..i open the front door well it wasnt even a whole 12 inches at this point and...