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escapee sphynx

  1. NaomiIndelicato

    Rescued and returned a sphynx in January, now owner wants to give it to us.

    Hey there! So January 2017 we heard a cat making awful noises outside (sounded like a baby crying!!!) and went outside to investigate. It was one of our colder nights here in Canada with the temp hitting around -30C (-22 F) so I was very surprised to find a naked kitty under our snow covered...
  2. Silke

    Panic! (Finished panicking, but...)

    So Pixie was doing her morning routine -- sunbathing at the kitchen door, behind the screen. The screen is loose-ish, but she is pretty good at not trying to get out. Until, that is, Leo wanted to avail himself of the water trough outside the door. I was in the bedroom and all I heard was crash...