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  1. jessica and paul

    F.I.P awareness miss you halo love you forever

    My baby halo passed away Friday from F.I.P halos story is on my page please tell me your story . We had spent a lot of money on his care with mixed diagnoses . It is very sad he was a lovely boy . Very much loved . Loved his naughty ways . How cleaver he was . How loving he was . Never would I...
  2. jessica and paul

    F.I.P story's awareness

    My SPhynx recently passed away of F.I.P I want people to be more aware as we spent a lot of money on vet care and had lots of wrong diagnosis . I have done lots research on internet about it and all makes sense now . :( I would like to hear your story's of F.I.P also so more people are aware of...
  3. jessica and paul

    Feline infection peritonitis awareness

    My sphynx cat sadly passed away yesterday he died from F.I.P please be aware of the signs as we have been though a difficult week trying to figure what it is at an expensive cost and a loss of a precious baby. On monday Halo was being sick a lot, although he seemed ok in himself On tuesday he...