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first time sphynx owner

  1. AmarasDaddy

    New Sphynx Daddy! Diets, Poos, Biting

    Hey All! Hope you’re all keeping safe! I’ve had my Amara for about 4 weeks now, she’s 12 weeks. I know taking them at 8 weeks isn’t good :( but I didn’t know until after. She’s settled really well. I have some basic questions. Best diet? Right now Amara is on Royal Canine wet & dry food. And...
  2. 3mmy1115

    I just received my first sphynx!

    Hello I just got my first male sphynx yesterday! He's a year and half and not fixed yet. He's very sweet and doesn't hiss my other cats are still slightly unsure but trying to get used to him. He's been home for almost a whole day and still hasn't eaten yet. He's still really scared. I was able...
  3. Marerickson

    First time Sphynx Mom!!

    Hello! My name is Marissa. I am a first time sphynx mom and I get to pick up my little girl next weekend! Her name is Zhuri and she was born 02/11/17. I would appreciate any tips/advice that you would like to offer! I want to be as prepared as possible for her first day at home! Thanks!! I look...
  4. SphynxMomma78

    First bath for adopted Osiris

    Some of you may remember that I just adopted Osiris 1 mo ago. I was told that he had never gotten a bath at his previous owner's home, and hated them. Well, I just gave Osiris a bath and it didn't go as bad as I was expecting! He didn't want to go into the bathtub, but I was able to squirt him...
  5. KitKat121

    First time cat owner with questions

    In a couple of weeks I'm adopting a Sphynx! Incredibly excited...but with it I'm very anxious and feel a bit lost. I've never owned any type of cat before (parents are avid dog lovers) and while I've done plenty of research and am confident on knowing how to maintain an overall well being for...