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  1. H

    yeast/ringworm/fleas help

    hello! i have 2 naked cats and have had them for 4/2 years and never had any health problems or needed to bring them to vet besides first vaccines years ago. I recently adopted a stray kitten who of course had fleas!!! :( which i wasn’t educated on bc my cats never had before. next thing u kno...
  2. Luna112

    Flea/Tick/Heartworm Prevention

    This may seem like a silly question but I can’t for the life of me find information on if Revolution is safe for Sphynxs. I live in South Florida. Where it’s summer all year round basically and we have a lot of fleas, ticks, and heartworm disease. My dog is on a monthly oral prevention and I...
  3. Cassandra323

    What kind of flea/tick preventative on your dog? (Safe around cats!)

    What kind of flea and tick preventative are you using on your dogs that is safe for dogs that are around cats? I know K9 Advantix is not safe to be used on dogs that around closely around cats. I need a tick preventative more than anything.
  4. Sfuller


    I searched and I really can't find a good valid answer to this question. I live in Florida, on a state park. We get fleas now without pets. My husband does outside maintenance but its a battle. I know we will need something to keep my kitty safe and flea free when he comes home. Further, my...
  5. S

    Big problem, fleas on my sphynx!

    So I found a cat tree on Craigslist. 5ft tall, nice. We already have one but i wanted one for the backside of the house as she likes to watch birds.. Drove out to the middle of nowhere to get it Saturday Night... And now Sophia has Fleas!!!! This is the only logical place she could have...