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  1. CathyO

    Tooth Resorption

    I’m sharing Peaches recent tooth resorption story in hopes others can learn from my experience and spot this common dental issue before it’s too late and they have to pull out your cat’s teeth :( What is Tooth Resorption? “Feline tooth resorption is a condition in which the body begins...
  2. treefoil

    Mycoplasma and Herpes

    Hey there, my boy Oscar has eye-issues since i got him one year ago. I tried different vets, and homeopathy. Homeopathy worked best so far but the problems didnt go away.... now I saw a new vet and she told me to visit an eye-clinic, because she thinks its an entropium. While searching the net...
  3. pussiette


    Just wondering what products anyone has used for gingivitis that seems to have worked. Interested to hear from those particularly who have had success using products for kitten gingivitis. Used dentipet vet recommended but no good currently using hartz and looking for other options. Thanks!