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happy mum

  1. Marerickson

    Zhuri & Raven say hello!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to check in & say hello! Life has been busy but I am still on here! Zhuri is doing great and is a love bird again now that she is completely healed from her spay (and over being mad at me for it) and little Raven has really came out of her shell! I love them both to the...
  2. Marerickson

    Obsessed with my girls!

    It has been almost 2 weeks since I brought Raven home. Zhuri officially loves her so much. They bathe eachother, snuggle together, play together and it is the sweetest thing of all time! I am so happy I decided to get a second baby while Zhuri is still so young! It puts me at ease to know they...
  3. Amy31

    Happy mum!

    This is most likely a pointless post but I just needed to share how over the moon I am! As some of you may know I was really scared about having my prince neutered! After many phone calls I found a vet that dos not use ketamine, of course, like any mum, I was still very worried, I pulled up to...