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  1. Maddie

    Top Ten Emergencies in Cats

    the vet office I take Astrid to just shared this article. Interesting to see that these are the top ten emergencies. Top Ten Emergencies in Cats | CatHealth.com
  2. Maddie

    Johnson's Baby Shampoo pH

    So I was bored, decided to read the comments on a suggested Facebook post for Johnson soap. In between the people getting irate over their patent company apparently animal testing and raging about how unsafe the stuff is, I found this: According to a quick google search " In Skin Diseases of...
  3. M

    Info on sphynx cats?

    Hi! I love cats, but I'm not allowed to have one because they shed fur. A lot. However, my mom promised me I could have a hairless one if I could find one. My question is- is there anything special I need to know about sphynxs? All the info I've seen conflicts with itself, so I'm just asking...