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los angeles

  1. Catwaffles

    Greetings! From a sphynx rescuer

    Hello Sphynxlair, I am a long time observer and first time poster! I was the proud momma of a grey boy named Poe who unfortunately we lost due to renal failure in 2021. I do rescue, mostly dogs, but have worked in cattery settings as well. By a stroke of luck 3 weeks ago, one of my rescue...
  2. deegee

    HCM Clinics LA Area?

    Hi friends! I am new to Sphynxlair so I apologize if this thread was created in the wrong place! My oldest girl recently turned two and I wanted to take her in to get HCM scanned. She seems perfectly healthy and I adopted her from a reputable breeder who scans their cats but I know they can...
  3. rmiller96


    Hello everyone! I moved to Los Angeles from Florida this January after a long battle with cancer in 2020. I’ve always wanted a Sphynx kitten, and especially after being bald from chemo, I can relate to them lol! I’m ready to give a sweet little hairless baby a loving home! Any tips, tricks, or...
  4. S

    Looking for bonded Sphinx pair LA

    Located in Los Angeles and looking for two bonded Sphynx cats in need of a loving home.
  5. D

    Vets in Los Angeles

    Hi, I'm searching for a good vet in Los Angeles who has experience treating the Sphynx breed. Can you recommend any good vets in the LA area? Thanks, Dee
  6. gianna

    Looking for a sphynx in Southern California!

    Ideally would be a black female but I love all of them so I am definitely open to others! :)
  7. C

    Any kittens for sale or adoption in California

    Hey guys, my fiancé and I have been looking for a sphynx kitten, preferably black female, in the Los Angeles area. We will be willing to drive a fairly long distance as well. Anyone know of any?
  8. Chester

    Sitter in L.A.?

    Hi all, I'm not sure where else to post this, so I'll try this sub-forum. Does anyone know of any good cat sitters in the L.A. area? Thanks.
  9. ivana


    Hi everyone, We are looking for a good vet in the los angeles area for a second opinion regarding our baby's health. We took Lotus to the vet yesterday and were told that he has a heart mur mur. The vet doesn't know much about the breed and made our visit very unpleasant. Please help us out...
  10. ivana


    ANY GOOD VETS IN LOS ANGELES, CA?! I NEED A SECOND OPINION HELPPP!!!! Went yesterday to take Lotus to the vet, and had a very unpleasant experience. The doctor checked his heart and said that he had a heart mur mur... a heart mur mur?! We were shocked. Lotus is turning 1 at the end of the month...