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  1. Inflamed

    We have a moat?!

    There's some construction work going on outside our home and the workers have dug a moat to get to the pipelines down there. Lucifer has been feeling much better so we decided to let him explore a bit after the workers were done for the day. Took some good pictures so I thought I'd share them...
  2. Inflamed

    Please keep Lucifer in your thoughts

    We just got back from the vet, Lucifer has an infected sebaceous gland on his neck. It has always been a little bump but we kept it under control by cleaning it regularly (pressing the stuff out) and it's never really been a problem. Last time we were at the vet though she told us to leave it...
  3. Inflamed

    Belly rubs rule!

    Lucifer is enjoying his heating pad as well as a nice belly rub or two :happy: