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new mommy

  1. Jedmo

    New Elf Momma

    Hi, I am so excited to be here! I have always wanted a Sphynx and I finally have one! She is a silver lilac elf and the absolute love of our house. We already had a tortie and she was an interesting addition but it's nothing but pure love now.
  2. Marerickson

    First time Sphynx Mom!!

    Hello! My name is Marissa. I am a first time sphynx mom and I get to pick up my little girl next weekend! Her name is Zhuri and she was born 02/11/17. I would appreciate any tips/advice that you would like to offer! I want to be as prepared as possible for her first day at home! Thanks!! I look...
  3. JaniinaEklund

    Ade Boy's mum

    Hi everyone! My name is Janiina and proud and happy mum of Ade. Ade is dark coloured sphynx who I picked up from Milanese breeder. Currently we live in Finland where this breed is still pretty rare. Ade is 5 months old and very playful and loving boy and from the first moment I saw him I adored...
  4. Reina

    Thanks, really...

    I thought I would finally introduce myself as I have been lurking on the forums, posting here and there. My name is Reina and together with my significant other we brought home our little bundle of joy (Odis) in early March! It has been a whirlwind of discovery and adventures! Unfortunately...