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  1. Kotonok

    Sphynx safe detergent?

    Hello, lately my Sphynx has been having his skin get more bumpy over the course of a day or two. Not sure if it is because of the Laundry Detergent or the new medicine he is taking. Any recommendations on products good for Sensitive Sphynx skin?
  2. Kotonok

    Feeding schedule? New Sphynx Mom’s help

    Hello, I am a new Sphynx cat mom, I was hoping to make a post for new Sphynx Owners to look and research on like: What is you’re feeding schedule like and how much per day. Do you feed dry or wet food? Do you feed raw and if so what is you’re feeding schedule like? Personally I’ve been trying...
  3. I

    New sphynx mommy!

    Hi everyone! Im getting my first sphynx tomorrow! I’m so excited! I would greatly appreciate any advice on things I absolutely need in order to care for my baby.
  4. Clementine

    My new naked baby, Clementine

    Hi Everyone! I am a brand new owner of my very first naked baby and I am totally smitten with her! I look forward to having a place to show her off and get help when needed.