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  1. BeauandBeerus

    New sphynx parent. My kitten is 3 months will be 4 months on Nov 5. Has a pimple on top of his tail. Should I be concerned?

    Hi, I’m beau. And I have an almost 4 month year old blue sphynx. He isn’t neutered yet but I am planning to soon. Today, I noticed he was biting the tip of his tail and then noticed he had a pimple at the very tip. He hates baths but I try to bathe him at least once a week and get as much done...
  2. S

    Second sphynx coming home 12/14

    Hello everyone! I joined this community in July when I got my precious Luna. She is now 8 months old and she is like my child. We love her so much, I will attach pictures of her. The new baby we are bringing home is also female and we are still deciding on names, she will be the multicolored one...
  3. Zelouise

    We're Finally Sphynx Mommies - In Need Of Advice!

    Hello Sphynxlair Family :) My partner and I recently became parents to our long awaited boy, Farrow. He is a beautiful Harlequin Sphynx and his dad has won 1st place in multiple cat shows here in South-Africa. We were truly blessed when the breeder notified us that she had one more kitten left...