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nipples swollen

  1. M

    Circles around female sphynx nipples after heat

    Hello… Was just looking for some advice. I have two sphynx girls both who have just had their first season/ heat. My pink girl has circles around all of her nipples while my other girl has nothing at yeh moment. the are both coming up for a year old. The haven’t been around any un neutered...
  2. Sphnxophelia

    Althea has Mastitis, I have questions

    Althea had a litter of kittens on the 3rd of August, So the babies are 5 days old today (the 8th). Yesterday I noticed she wasnt in the box with her kittens and I hadnt seen her all morning. So I checked up on her something was very wrong with her. She was perfectly fine and normal when I went...