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north carolina

  1. acduff


    Looking to adopt a Sphynx in NC. Willing to travel to surrounding states, will pay additional fees. I’m a vet tech and recently my favorite patient (Malfoy, a Sphynx) passed away and since falling in love with the breed I’d like to adopt in his honor. I’m aware of the work that goes into owning...
  2. KaylaTeague

    Sphynx Owners in NC or SC?

    Hello everyone! I am wondering where my NC/SC sphynx owners are located? I posted in the introduction thread that I am looking to adopt a sphynx sometime in the future. However, I have never met a sphynx and would like to do that before purchasing a kitten. I live in Wilmington, NC which is...
  3. stephanie16

    Looking for sphynx kitten!!

    Hello!! After months of research, me and my boyfriend are finally ready to get a sphynx, and we are SO excited. However, we are running into the problem of finding somewhere near us that has some. If anyone has any suggestions for places within two- two and a half hours of Charlotte, NC or...
  4. HannahG212

    Looking to adopt in or around NC

    I live in North Carolina and for the past few years have been desperately trying to find a sphynx to adopt. I do not have the current money to purchase from a breeder. I could care less about pedigree papers as I just want a beautiful sphynx to love and keep me company. I will most likely...
  5. S

    Looking to adopt in North Carolina

    Hi, I am very interested in adopting a Sphynx. I have no previous experience with this breed but do with various other types of animals from birds, various dog breeds, and other cats. I am clean, responsible and 27 years old. I am interested in Kittens and adults (preferably none over 7 years...