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  1. C

    Eating loads and now not interested?

    Hi guys! when I first got my boy last week he was already on raw from the breeder so we’ve kept him on it. first few days he ate soooo much and now he’s not interested? He’s meant to have 2-1/2 of the raw patties a day, first day he nailed 4 but now I’ll be lucky if he eats one. He is playful...
  2. Pennyluv

    almost 1 year old Sphynx not eating

    My almost 1-year-old sphynx suddenly hasn't been eating these past few days. Particularly the wet food we give him. He won't eat anything out of his bowl and hes only been eating dry food we put on the mat where we give him treats. I'm worried maybe hes addicted to treats? We've tried not giving...