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odd eyes

  1. Lily aka White Girl

    Lily aka White Girl

    the odd-eye beauty!
  2. 3C56AD29-B68A-481A-B836-4CF21A14987B.jpeg


    Nooshie Baby
  3. kiana

    Albino or odd eyed kitten?

    Hi, This kitten is now almost 2 weeks old. Now the eyes are opening we noticed one has red eyes or a red blur around its eyes. atleast thats what we have seen at the moment. Another one has just one red eye. The one with the 2 red eyes must be a red sphynx and the other one is coloring in at...
  4. Kitty Chaos

    Odd eyes

    I was wondering if anyone knew how common odd coloured eyes are in sphynx. My little girl is white with one blue and one green eye and I was curious, is this rare?
  5. Bean0709

    New to this site

    My husband and I live in Illinois. Here is a little history of my past experience with Sphynx and cats in general. I have owned 2 Sphynx in the past. The first one I bought 17 years ago from some breeder in Arkansas. At that time, I was very ignorant to backyard breeders, however, my first...
  6. SphynxBIS

    More than three sphynxs

    I have 2 babies and their mother but I felt in love with odd eyes baby. I am thinking 4 sphynxs could be too many cats . How many of you have more 4???