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  1. K

    Looking for Sphynx in/around Arkansas!

    Hey y’all! I’m a 34 year old single female who lives alone and is looking for a companion to spoil. I have owned several cats in the past and think that there is no better baby to be by your side! I’m looking for anyone needing to be rehomed or adopted in or around the state of Arkansas!
  2. Dollypickle

    Healthy American diet ?

    Hi I’ve recently moved to Oklahoma with my sphynx cat from England. In the Uk she was eating a raw chicken diet and was super healthy. I can’t find anything here that isn’t making her sick, is there any raw food company’s or diets someone could recommend that I can get in Oklahoma ? I’m really...
  3. M

    Would you like to take a ride with Victoria?

    Looking for a way to pay it forward? Don't have a lot of time or cash? Here is a great way to help an animal get to their furever home! Imagine Home is always looking for help with transports. This is Victoria, an upcoming transport she is making her way to her furever home with me! If you...